Friday, December 02, 2005

Like Tea?

I drink tea on occasion, and had a discussion with some folks lately that resulted in this list of the Best Places to Buy Tea.

  • Yogi Tea - For inexpensive, interesting, and flavorful tea bags, it's hard to beat Yogi Tea. Available at many grocery chains, Yogi Tea also has an online store now. My favorite is their Classic India Spice Harbal Tea.

  • Upton Tea Imports - A mega-source for loose tea, Upton catalogs over 300 varieties from around the world. They also carry a small selection of infusers, utilitarian fin teapots and cups. A good choice for Christmas is their Introduction to Fine Tea Sampler, or one of their other seasonal or regional samplers.

  • Adagio Teas - With a slightly smaller selection, but with VERY helpful site tools, Adagio Teas is another nice place to shop. The navigation on the Adagio site is straightforward, and they augment their item listings with buyer submitted reviews, and with tools to help you find which tea you are most likely to enjoy.

  • Fortnum and Mason - Finally, for a company from England who is not strictly a tea concern, take a look at Fortnum and Mason. With attractive tins and British sensibilites, their teas would make an enjoyable gift. Look at their Aromatic Black Teas (like their Earl Grey) and Black Teas with Fruit! Should the teas fail to please, they also have a wide selection of foods and wines.

Tea is a good solution to the afternoon slump - give it a try...but try some of these better teas, you'll be more likely to enjoy your experience.



Anonymous charlz said...

like a green "gunpowder" organic tea from Mountain Rose Herbs. I am addicted to this stuff and buy it by the pound. It is a strong green with the more "Chinese" flavor rather than the weaker Japanese type greens.

9:31 AM  

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