Thursday, February 09, 2006

Watch Collecting - Seiko

I just thought I'd collect here some information for Seiko collectors. Some of this information is contained in previous posts, but having it all in one place is useful.

Seiko is widely collected because of their variety, affordability, and value. Their watch line ranges from high-end mechanical watches rivaling Swiss manufactures (the Grand Seiko line), to inexpensive quartz lines; from cutting edge technological innovations (Spring Drive) to mechanical watches known for their robustness and value (the 7S26 lines).

Seiko lines run about like this (in descending order) –

  • Grand Seiko (Mechanical)
  • Spring-Drive (Hybrid)
  • Prospex (mechanical-check out the MarineMaster)
  • King Seiko (largely discontinued)
  • Credor
  • Seiko Brightz (mostly Ti, both auto and quartz)
  • Kinetic Lines (quartz-mechanical)
  • Laurel (also largely disc.)
  • Spirit (automatic)
  • 7S26 Mechanical line
  • Seiko Quartz
  • Pulsar (quartz)
  • Alba
  • Lorus (Budget quartz in the US and UK)

This is THE Seiko image database:

JayHawk's Seiko Image Database

This is THE Seiko Divers collector’s reference:

The Seiko Diver's Reference

This is a good article on the background of Seikosha (Seiko):

Four Hundred Years After - The Legacy of Seikosha on TZ

This is Higuchi, who sells Seikos from Japan:

Higuchi, Inc.

And Seiya-san, who does the same, but on a smaller scale (also Japan-only G-shocks). He has one on the site right now, which is the first in the new mid-range Seiko automatic line – the ‘Spirit’ line, between the 7S26 series and the Grand Seiko line:


These are two dealers out of Singapore:

These are the two leading Seiko custom shops in the US:

Bill ‘Yao’ at MKII Watches

MKII Watches

Jack at IWW

International Watch Works (IWW)

And the up and comer, Hands of Time (HOT) can be found here:

HOT Watches

SCWF - The Seiko/Citizen Discussion Forum (and Sales Forum):


Don’t blame future economic woes on me, I’m just the messenger!



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